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September 14, 2015
  Heroic Hearts founder Jim Elzinga is writing a blog!

For the past few months I have been writing a blog, focusing on Safety and Leadership issues. It’s really turning out to be a fun and interesting exercise. Each blog entry highlights some aspect of Safety Culture or Leadership that shows up in a story from my mountaineering life.

Recently I have been posting a series called The Changing Face of Leadership in the Twenty-First Century, laying out the Five Capabilities of Leadership that are most needed to lead in today’s organizations.

Check it out at http://jimelzinga.blogspot.ca/

September 14, 2015
  Heroic Hearts founder Jim Elzinga to be Keynote Speaker at Indiana Safety Conference

Jim has been engaged as the opening keynote speaker at the 2016 Indiana Safety and Health Conference, March 21-23, 2016 at the Indiana Convention Center. They are still building their site for the 2016 Convention, but if you go to http://www.insafetyconf.com/ you will find updates as they are posted.

September 14, 2015
  Safety Culture Consulting

Jim’s most recent foray in the world of organizational consulting is in the field of safety, in particular Safety Culture Consulting. Some of Heroic Hearts’ work has been in the field of transforming organizational culture. This has led to a focus on workplace safety and the development of a safety culture that reduces incidents and their associated costs, both human and monetary. Achieving significant improvements in safety performance, with the goal of a consistent zero-incident, zero-injury safety record, calls for a deeper commitment than merely adjusting policies and enforcement practices. It takes a wholesale shift of organizational culture to ensure that habits of behaviour across the organization remain consistently in alignment with the highest safety standards. Jim’s experience in hazardous mountain environments, maintaining an unswerving commitment to safe return for everyone on the expedition while pursuing the most challenging goals, has given him the dedication, the insight and the experience to guide such a momentous culture shift.

For more about Jim’s new Safety Culture Initiative, see

Toronto, Edmonton
  Announcing the newest white paper, Surviving in a World of Extremes

We are pleased to announce the release of a new white paper, Surviving in a World of Extremes, by Heroic Hearts partner Robert McGarvey, Global Trends Specialist and Head of Strategy.

Given the broadening acknowledgement of the ongoing volatility in the world economy, Mr. McGarvey is urging us to remain vigilant. The apparent gradual return to normal we are enjoying now is no reason for complacency. Focusing on the oil industry, McGarvey points to significant changes in the way oil is priced; the wild fluctuations in 2007/8 signaled a breakdown in the normal price-inventory relationship.

“. . .What this tells you is the world has changed, and many of the predictive tools and financial models we’re using today simply don’t represent reality. Oil prices WILL take another giant swing and . . . despite the fact that oil demand is relatively solid (indeed growing steadily) and supply is predictable . . . the oil and gas industry is about to sail into dark and stormy seas.”

“Be prepared!” is the message this paper delivers to industry leaders. Volatility can offer a competitive advantage to those who have the appropriate strategies in place. 

For the full text of Surviving in a World of Extremes, sign up on the White Papers page.

May 22, 2012
  Canada AM: Challenges of climbing Everest Physiologist Greg Wells and Everest climber Jim Elzinga discuss the challenges of climbing Mount Everest after a Canadian woman died trying in May 2012.

A combination of low oxygen, strong winds and a traffic jam of climbers likely led to the death of a Canadian who reached the top of Mount Everest this weekend but failed to make it back down alive.

Shriya Shah-Klorfine, 33, died over the weekend while descending the south summit of Mount Everest. She collapsed during the descent and is believed to have died from exhaustion.

Jim Elzinga, an accomplished high-altitude climber who has led expeditions up Everest twice, says it's difficult to explain how exhausted one becomes while climbing Everest, whose peak protrudes into the stratosphere to 8,848 metres (29,029 ft) above sea level.

Read more here

Edmonton, Toronto
  Announcing the release of a new white paper, Navigating the Age of Volatility

We are pleased to announce the release of a new white paper, Navigating the Age of Volatility, by Heroic Hearts partner Robert McGarvey, Global Trends Specialist and Head of Strategy.

Among other disruptive forces in the world economy, the paper highlights the looming threat of sovereign debt default, predicting a significant triggering event by the middle of 2012, which will domino disastrously through world bond markets.

“. . . each of these developments contributes to growing instability and the possibility of serious disruptive forces being unleashed upon unsuspecting businesses,” writes McGarvey. “. . . Ultimately leaders must be aware of the dangers as well as the emerging opportunities in the global economy, identifying patterns, potential entrapments and critical issues before they deliver fatal death blows to the company.”

McGarvey paints a convincingly daunting picture, but offers hope for the well-prepared business leader. He sets out a general action plan for preparedness, for individual leaders and whole organizations.

For the full text of Navigating the Age of Volatility, sign up on the White Papers page.

Toronto, Calgary:
  Heroic Hearts, Inc. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of their new Finance and Accounting Advisor, Joseph F. Batty CA.

Joe offers unique insights and long experience in the world of finance. He has held many corporate directorships and senior management positions, including a three-year tenure as CEO of a Canadian electronics company specializing in advanced computer-controlled lighting systems. During his tenure as VP of Finance at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Joe's interest and involvement in new products and technologies led to his spearheading a technology transfer liaison program between NAIT professional staff and industry. Two decades later, the Liaison Program remains a vital source of innovation for Canadian companies.

With over forty years of experience in finance and accounting, J.F. Batty demonstrates a proven track record of helping business - large and small - set up financial systems in support of their strategic goals and objectives. The work Joe has done over the past many years has made him an authority on Intangible Assets, an extremely rare specialty dedicated to Identifying, Valuing, Accounting for, Protecting and Financing all the assets in an organization. He insists that every financial manager today needs to know and understand these principles: the success of their businesses depends on it.

"I am fascinated with the emergence of the new classes of intellectual assets. They are becoming commodities just like land, buildings and equipment. Currently, these new assets are rarely identified or valued on financial statements, yet they are the centerpiece of our modern economy. I have dedicated my career to finding solutions to this strange dichotomy."

  New York restaurant giant thrives in the New Normal

Apple-Metro Inc., owner of the Applebee's and Chevy's Fresh Mex restaurant franchise for the New York City area, has applied the business principles of the New Normal to grow and thrive in the Age of Volatility. "...it seemed to me two decisions you can make; one you could retrench, pull the covers over your head wait for the storm to pas. . . or there would be some opportunities out there as there always are in a downside. And the opportunities are in real estate pricing, construction costs, best in class in terms of personnel, and hiring. . .so we made the strategic decision to become very aggressive, and look for new sites and it worked! We've opened in the last year six Applebee's, which is no mean feat."

Click here for the full interview with Apple-Metro's CEO Zane Tankel, where he describes their successful approach: Expanding Franchises in a Down Market.

Mr. Tankel works with Heroic Hearts founder Jim Elzinga for management coaching and team development. After a three-day Apple-Metro retreat Tankel wrote, "I wanted to emphasize, ...how grateful we are to you corporately, and I am personally, for a great retreat. I know, more than you may think, how much work and effort you put into those three days. It was very obvious."

  Elzinga's leadership recognized by Hillary Foundation

On November 7, 2007, Heroic Hearts founder Jim Elzinga received a rare Award of Recognition from the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation. One of only four such awards ever presented by the foundation, the award recognized Elzinga’s leadership of the historic Everest Light Expedition. In 1986, against overwhelming odds, the Everest Light team established a new route up the mountain. In the process, Sharon Wood became the first woman from the Western Hemisphere to reach the summit. During the ceremony, Wood also received an Award of Recognition for her summit achievement. Presenting the awards in Toronto Peter Hillary, son of Sir Edmund, commented, “Many of the expeditions that we read about or see … I would rate as a one or a two in terms of significance and difficulty. What these guys pulled off was nine or ten.”

» For more on the Everest Light Climb, click here.



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